Cinnamon Spiced Coffee

This Cinnamon Spiced Coffee makes a delicious cup of coffee, just in time for autumn! Make this in your slow cooker and take to an office party or potluck.

8 cups brewed coffee

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup chocolate syrup

1/2 tsp. anise extract

4 3 inch cinnamon sticks

1 1/2 tsp. whole cloves

additional cinnamon sticks, optional

In a 3 quart slow cooker, combine coffee, sugar, chocolate syrup and anise extract.

Place cinnamon sticks and cloves on a double thickness of cheesecloth. Gather corners of cloth to enclose spices, tie securely with string. Add to slow cooker.

Cook, covered, on low 2-3 hours.

Discard the spice bag.

Ladle the coffee into mugs. If desired, serve with cinnamon sticks and Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls.

Makes 8 servings

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